This summer has been one of much change.

Starting all the way back in April we had to replace our old keyboard player Colin because he was moving out west. It was a sad au revoir. BUT as many tattoos and bumper stickers say 'the darkest nights still see the morning light' and we have been lucky enough to have Nick Babcock join the band. After two auditions, we knew that Nick would be a great fit for the band, and has been a double shot of (INSERT booze of choice) to our song compositions!

SO the summer started with some shows in May, but we spent a fair amount of time working on new material. We would lock ourselves in the Queen's Music Club (which is a basement room in Mac-Brown on Queen's University Campus) from 830-12 at night and work on one song. By the end of the night we'd have a song pretty much ready to go. We did this for a few weeks and finally June/July came around, where we played as much as possible, and played some of our new tunes. I don't speak on behalf of every band out there, but a song doesn't feel like its finished or a 'real thing' until we've played it live. It just doesn't. There is some kind of energy that other peoples ears bring that make it a real thing. Anyways, we'd play the songs and they would get better and better. 

I should also mention that we had been playing every second Wednesday at a Kingston coffee shop/whiskey bar called Mussiikki Cafe. Its right on Brock and Wellington downtown, so go grab coffee and a shot! We used our Mussiikki times to try new material and work on our acoustic set up. I might be a little old school for someone who is 23, but I feel that if you can't play a song by yourself on an acoustic guitar and still get some reaction, the song probably doesn't have legs. OBVIOUSLY there are exceptions, but its kind of a rule-of-thumb I try and keep in my own song writing, so Mussiikki was a great way to work on those skills.  We also brought some of our friends from out of town (Xprime, The Kents) and some local talent (Andrew Mansfield, Jonas, The Tidman Sisters) to play sets at this awesome coffee shop. 

Now that the summer is coming to a close, we are heading back to the studio to pump out some new music. We are beyond excited to be working on new material that, for the most part, started in April. I think these are some of our best songs and can't wait to show them off. 

I think thats all for now....Follow us on Twitter/Instagram @kasadorband for more frequent updates! #plug

I'll leave you on a few of the summer highlights: 
1. When a member of our band (I wont name names, but he plays a 4 stringed instrument...) got on a train going to Montreal instead of Toronto. We played the set acoustically and a member of the Sheepdogs was there. After the set he said that he "liked our sound" was not our intended sound...  
2. Opening for Ben Caplan at Mussiikki, but didn't know it was happening until I got there and saw a man with a very impressive beard. 
3. Getting to play our new tunes and having our friends (who have been coming to see us forever) say you guys are starting to 'find your own sound'. 

Now off to the studio.