Hi all! 

It’s been a while since you’ve seen us doing…well anything music related. We’ve spent the past few months writing songs, making a music video, general hangin out, traveling by ourselves etc. It’s been great to take a break from playing all the time, but we are all a little stir crazy and are anxious to get back to the gigs!

We have a few shows coming up, one at the end of August and one at the end of September. Hardly 'hitting the road' by any means, but we are still working our record. The goal is simply to put out something that we will be proud of and happy to be playing in the years to come. We really appreciate everyone who has been encouraging us (over socials or in person) to get back at it, but we just need a little more time before we start “pounding stages like clowns” (Pete Townshend said that).

I always tell a story or something on these things about how the shows are or the other nonsense we do, so I’ll let you know a bit about a trip I took this summer:

Growing up, I went to Scotland with my dad a few summers in a row and spent time in the Hebrides. It had been about 12 years since I had been, so I wanted to go back and experience the country as an adult. It was a really cool to be walking through a small town and all of the sudden remembering an exact moment from 12 years before. It was a place that was always important to my dad and seeing it through the lens of having some life experience, I understood a bit more.

After nearly a week in the Hebrides, I took the train down south to Dalbeattie - a small town of 4000 that was the home of two notable people: 1) William Murdoch, the man who was in charge when the RMS Titanic hit an iceberg and sank. 2) James Hunter, my grandfather. The town was incredibly welcoming, with locals swapping stories about life living in Daleattie and even bringing out school records to try and find exactly where my grandfather lived. Sadly we could not, as I was pretty underprepared with info as I didn’t expect such a strong interest in some kid from Canada.

I spent the last few days in Edinburgh - mostly in the old town where I was really focused on finding a cool local band. After a bit of research, I narrowed down the ‘coolest’ 100 cap live venue I could find, hoping to stumble upon the next great Scottish rock band. The club was called Sneaky Pete's (could it be one of our fav Toronto dive bars Sneaky Dee's Scotish cousin??) and the show was comprised of 3 really talented singer/songwriters playing mostly piano and using loops. It was a cool show, but when I asked the performers why they didn’t have any backing bands they explained that there is an enormous shortage of drummers, gear and general interest in playing the drums, so locking one down was too difficult. I was a bit bummed about my quest to find a killer live band that night, but I was very happy thinking about our Canadian music scene and how fortunate we are to have such a vibrant industry.

Looking forward to whats next for the band and really working hard on the next few months.

Fun things this summer:

- Spent a lot of time at Cam's apartment in Kingston writing and working on demos. 
- We filmed a music video for a song that is coming out in a bit. It happened to be filmed in Toronto...the weekend in April that there was a hail storm in Toronto.  
- Got to attend Lights comic book release - so cool to see how much hard work the big names in the Canadian scene actually put into their projects. 
- Saw some bucket list concerts (Foo Fighters at Rogers Centre and Arcade Fire at Budweiser Stage).
- Played a solo set at the Rivoli in Toronto to try out some new material. Had the bar singing 'Come Get Yer Money' which was a real treat.