Hey guys, just wanted to give a quick update on what we have been up to recently! Really sorry that it has taken so long for us to give long-form update (like this blog) and have really just been putting out snippets of info. We have really spent the last half year focusing on creating something we are incredibly proud of, and now its time to start the unveiling!

The first thing we did after my last post was play two shows (Block Party in Watertown and Fall For Kingston Fundraiser Festival). They were a lot of fun and a great place for us to demo some new songs before we went into the studio. Right after Fall For Kingston, we loaded into Bathouse for ten days with producer Graham Walsh. Those sessions were really intense, creative and incredibly productive. It gave us over half of our upcoming record and our favourite music this band has made to date.

We then worked on some mixing and mastering. These processes can be the most gruelling with the time spent, mental energy and costs. Luckily we were were surrounded by true professionals (Mark Vreeken and Adam Ayan) and it went as smoothly as I could have hoped for! We will be releasing the whole album in the fall, but have a few singles queued up along the way. 

Enough about the boring minutiae of making an album!

This brings us to March 2019, and our first show back! We had a great time with everyone who made it to the sold out Toronto show at The Rivoli. We couldn't have asked for a better night! We played almost every song we recorded for the new album and a few of our older tunes, which was so cool to have the whole room singing with us. Truly loved that night. I forgot to say this form the stage, but a huge thank you to Clayton, Geoff, Alex, Lucky and Phil for giving us a lot of their time and patience to make sure that the show was as strong as it could be!


This week we will be premiering of first song since 2017. I am nervous, excited and proud to finally be sharing this song. It came out of some last minute writing sessions before we went into the studio in October. It is the first song that Cam sings lead vocals on and has some of my favourite recording moments in it. The message in this one is clear: out of something bad comes something good, if you choose to make it happen. That has been part of the spirit of this band since day one and it feels right to start our next chapter with it.

See ya on the road!